In case you want to sell online things like clothes, jewelry, tech gadgets, appliances or other similar things, you should know that a venture like this is now easier than ever. It is now possible to manage a store in the comfort of your office or home. You no longer need a physical location or even employees to start an online business.

What people need is a tool that can list the products, manage inventory, take care of shopping carts, process transactions and do few other things. This is where eCommerce platforms come into play.

There are literally dozens of platforms like this found in the market and each of them promises great features and exceptional functionality. Of course, not all of them can provide that and that’s why you must be very careful. The best eCommerce platforms should help you list at least a few dozens of products, help you sell both digital and physical products, come with a shopping cart, let you showcase your brand image, cost no more than $30 a month and include some features and add-ons that can make doing online business much simpler and convenient.

The following is a list of 10 great eCommerce platforms that you can use.

  1. Shopify – the standard version costs $29 a month and allows users to build an online store with every modern feature quickly.
  2. Weebly – this eCommerce platform will cost you just 8 dollars a month. With its help, you can customize every aspect of your online store.
  3. Gumroad – ideal for small online stores, this platform is preferred by sellers of digital products. It costs $10 per month.
  4. Squarespace – now here’s a solution that allows product arrangement freedom and offers a wide range of templates and themes.
  5. X-Cart – X-cart is usually used for building a self-hosted store for selling individually, but you can also use it on eBay.
  6. WooCommerce – here’s an eCommerce platform designed for integration in an existing WordPress website.
  7. Ecwid – Ecwid is similar to WooCommerce, but you can integrate it into your existing website regardless of its coding.
  8. BigCommerce – with this solution you can sell products at your own online store and in different online marketplaces at the same time.
  9. Big Cartel – if you need a platform for a relatively small, fully-functional store (up to 300 products), try Big Cartel.
  10. Selz – those who want to keep things neat and simple should give Selz a chance. This online store has a wide range of customizable themes and costs just $20 a month.